Benefits of AFDA Membership

The Arizona Fire District Association is proud to offer the following benefits to its members.

Political Representation

AFDA provides a single, politically meaningful common voice to speak before the state legislature to address fire district governance, regulatory, financial and fire service interests. This allows each AFDA member to benefit from the political power generated when all of the member districts are united legislatively.

Educational Opportunities/Professional Development

AFDA sponsors two premier conferences and exhibitions a year which provide information and educational opportunities for member Districts’ staff, Board of Directors, and personnel. AFDA conferences bring together national and state decision makers and experts on all facets of emergency service from leadership and management to operations. These conferences provide educational opportunities in all areas of Fire District administration and governance with instruction on topics such as legal or financial issues, human resources, liability, fire protection, safety, etc. Continuing education opportunities are also available based on individual certification requirements. These conferences are held at various locations throughout the state. AFDA members receive a registration discount for all conferences.

AFDA also offers a Fire District Board Certification Program. The classes for the certification are offered on a rotating basis at the two conferences held during the year. Although the certification is geared to new Fire Board members with topics including Board Member Roles & Responsibilities, Open Meeting Law, etc., any member can benefit from completing the curriculum and receiving the certification.

This website also provides up-to-date information regarding various available educational opportunities state-wide that may be of interest to members.

Support System/Networking

Members of AFDA can tap into the collective expertise of the entire AFDA membership roster. They can take advantage of formal coaching or mentoring relationships with more experienced fire service professionals who can provide guidance and useful insights. Even on an informal basis, these relationships can be a source of answers and solutions when facing a challenging situation. At the very least, having a support network can boost confidence when problems arise.

Civic Leadership

Individual fire districts or fire service leaders may not have the opportunity to participate in civic and/or philanthropic activities. However, because AFDA is active in activities such as providing conference scholarships and computer donations, members can become involved in worthwhile projects through their involvement in AFDA.

AFDA On-line Newsletter

AFDA partners with AFCA, which sends an on-line newsletter at least twice a week. For Associate Business members, the AFDA newsletter leverages marketing efforts by generating leads from a targeted and more receptive audience. Members have an opportunity to advertise in the newsletter at lower member rates.

AFDA Fire District Handbook

The AFDA Fire District Handbook (Red Book) provides all the information necessary about forming a fire district in Arizona and current laws governing fire districts. The ADFA Handbook provides in-depth information regarding all aspects of operating a fire district and is updated on a regular basis. The latest version of the handbook will soon be available through this website in both electronic (web based) and also USB Flash Drive versions, soon.


Other Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to advertise on the AFDA website and in the Newsletter
  • Opportunity to exhibit at educational conferences and reach 300-500 people
  • Fire District Members can participate in the Board of Directors and Area Directors Annual Elections

For more information regarding membership, please contact us at or (480) 496-4331. Click here to download a membership application. Thank you.