1982 a small group of fire district leaders met in Tucson to discuss the need for and the purpose of a statewide organization for fire districts. Subsequent to that meeting the State of Arizona Fire District Association (now the Arizona Fire District Association) was created and became the first organization to represent the interests of Arizona’s fire districts.

Since the first Arizona fire district was formed in 1918, the number of districts today has grown to over 148 general purpose fire districts which provide fire, emergency medical and associated emergency services to approximately one and a half million Arizonans. In 1986, the Arizona Fire District Association began offering educational seminars at its annual meetings. The Arizona Fire District Association remains committed to the education and development of the state’s fire district elected officials (there are currently 600+ elected fire officials in Arizona), fire chiefs and other senior decision makers within Arizona fire districts. Today the Arizona Fire District Association provides educational offerings specific to the effective governance, administration and operations of fire districts to over one thousand persons annually.

A critical function of the Arizona Fire District Association is to provide its member fire districts with representation and advocacy at the Arizona Legislature. The Arizona Fire District Association was formed to create a common voice for all fire districts on issues specific to the provision of fire and life safety services throughout rural Arizona. The Arizona Fire District Association has maintained a continuous presence at the Arizona Legislature since 1986. The Arizona Fire District Association advocates for laws that are critical to ensuring fire districts are adequately resourced, governed and administered.